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Mike Fluit, MSW RSW  

Counselling in London, ON

Let’s be real – life is hard.  The pressures of work, family, school, to do lists and all the other things that life entails can add up and leave us feeling unable to manage.  Sometimes all of our responsibilities feel like a weight pulling us down.  Feelings of depression, anger, worry or anxiety start to take over, steal our energy and keep us from moving forward. 


It doesn’t have to be this way.  While there may be no easy fixes, counselling can help you to learn ways of coping more effectively and make changes in your life to get things on the right track and experience happiness again.   It can help you relate to your feelings of anger, sadness, frustration and worry in a new way that allows you to feel more free.  You can learn from your past experiences to find a more balanced and intentional way of living. 

Mike has specialized training in working with people who have experienced traumatic events or abuse and helping clients find ways of resolving difficult memories, find peace in their life and feel more centred. He helps clients who have difficulties with depression, anxiety and anger.  He has a special interest in working with adults who have experienced trauma or are seeking assistance for dealing with life changes and transitions (workplace stress and change, transition to parenthood, grief and loss, relationship loss, etc.), 

 If you’re interested in learning more about how Mike can help, contact him at(519)-200-4376 or email at mike@londoncounsellingservices.ca

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