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Counselling for Adults

Life has a way of adding up responsibilities, stress and traumatic experiences until is seems like it's too much to handle.  Sometimes this comes out as sadness, worry, anger, constantly feeling on edge, or some other really unpleasant feelings that we wish would go away.  When we feel this way we're often not sure what to do - parts of us feel guilty or ashamed for feeling this, other parts of ourselves try to convince us out of feeling this way or just covering over it, but in the end, these efforts inevitably leave us feeling more defeated, frustrated or ashamed than we did before.  


Counselling can offer new ways of understanding and relating to these different experiences so that we can experience more peace, compassion, joy and clarity in our day to day lives.  We can learn to appreciate all these different parts of our personalities so that we experience less inner and outer conflict in our lives.  


If you'd like to feel a greater sense of peace and clarity in your life, counselling can help.  Call or email Mike at 519-200-4376 or mike@londoncounsellingservices.ca to book an appointment to start your journey towards healing.